Our Story

Our story

Living in the city, I always had a busy life. I am a lawyer and have a beautiful daughter and I spend most of my time with her. With my busy routine, I have gone through a stressful time, which caused a sudden hearing loss on one of my ears. After months of treatment with cortisone, I was diagnosed with excessive liquid in my ear which was most likely triggered by stress. During the first lockdown, I lost 100% of my hearing,  I then recovered some of it changing my lifestyle, and found a new life in meditating, reading books and diuretics that would control the excessive liquid.


But, taking cortisone every 3/4 months and diuretics was damaging my overall health and I decided to find a natural remedy that could keep me calm and also help get rid of the excess liquid.

That’s when I researched and found the wonders of Ayurvedic herbs. Not only, but it also worked out for me, it gave me a passion and confidence to help all people like me, who wants to overcome stress and improve their body both inside and outside.

Blended with the synergetic benefits of herbs and then Lune and Soul Cleans Diuretic herbal teas were born with the help of an expert Ayurvedic herbalist.

We have all heard of the magnificent results of Ayurveda medicines but trying out these herbs brew in to tea has given me a new start. Ayurveda takes us back to prehistoric times where ancient healing philosophy takes place. Ayurveda means knowledge of life which is rooted to bring your body, mind, and spirit in the perfect balance.

Beau Relax is the result of my own story which is a natural brand of herbal teas that are made especially for you. It will not only provide you comfort but also cleanse your soul, help you sleep, and make you feel whole again and brings back your inner beauty.