7 Terrible Stress Effects on Skin That You Need to Know

All human beings suffer from stress at one stage of life or others. Some of us are strong enough to get rid of emotionaltensions in a short period, whereas some of us become a slave of daily life pressures for a longer period. Although stress is unavoidable, it is quite necessary to overcome it as soon as possible. Otherwise, there are stress effects on skin, mental as well as physical health of an individual in an adverse way

Stress and anxiety have severe consequences on the human body, and most of them are due to skin problems. The skin-brainconnection is quite complicated, and dermatologists believe that stressor hormones trigger various changes in brain and body chemistry. 

How does Stress Affect Skin?

Studies have shown that during tension and stress moments, our body tends to produce excessive stress hormones called “cortisol” from the adrenal glands. As a result, there is more production of oil and sebum by the skin glands. Overall, the increase in cortisol production wreaks the entire immune system, which manifests itself as various stress effects on skinsuch that:

1. Increased Acne 

Have you ever thought that right before a big meeting or a big event, you break out? It is only because of the complicated connection between stress hormones and acne. As suggested by studies, oil production increases when one is under anxiety. Excess oil produced in the skin gets trapped in the hair follicles with dead skin and dirt.  It causes more pimples resulted in increased acne. 

2. Worsening Skin Conditions- Inflammation 

You can see stress effects on the skin more among the people who are already suffering from skin conditions such as rosaceaor psoriasis, and stress will make it worse for them. Their inflammation flares up when they are in tense mood. 

3. Aging the Skin

Weekend immune system and increased production of cortisol also manifest as lackluster skin with wrinkles and lines. Thus, aging the skin at a relatively young age. 

4. Hives or Rash

Hives are itchy and swollen bumps of the skin which appear red. Various factors lead to hives popping up in the skin. In some cases, individuals get them due to allergic medicine or food reactions or insect bites. Whereas in other cases, stress hormones are the major culprit.  Stress can even worsen already existing chronic hives. 

5. Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

Everyone wants shiny, thick, and healthy hair. It boosts confidence in personality and makes one feel good about themselves. Hair growth is occurring in phases – active and resting phases. While a person is stressed, the resting phase prolongs, thus resulting in hair loss and hair thinning. 

6. Increased Sweat Production

We often observe that while performing a stressful job such as appearing before a job interview or going through a difficult test, we start sweating. It is because of sweat production by apocrine glands, which are present in the armpits and groin area. Being in stressful state, triggers production of hormones from apocrine glands resulting in increased sweat production. 

7. Brittle Nails

You cannot only observe stress effects on the skin in the form of breakouts, rashes, or hair loss but also nails. People with stress might start nailbiting. Hence, it is more likely that under stress, your nails become more brittle and thinner. 

Next time, you observe a breakout on your skin, try to think deeply and find the root cause. Fight the stress inside and relax. Try deep breathing, massaging, yoga, and meditation. You will surely observe a positive effect on your skin. When your skin improves, your mood will boost up, and you will see a significant change in yourself.